Warehouse 13: Burnout

Myka and Pete go to St. Louis to investigate several burned bodies when they discover the body of a former warehouse agent.

I’ve occasionally wondered while watching “Warehouse 13”, what exactly happened to the previous agents?  Were they killed on the job?  Or did they just choose to move onto other jobs?  Is that even allowed?  “Burnout” finally shows us just what could be ahead in the futures of Myka and Pete if they continue at the warehouse.  This week’s episode also adds more drama than any of the past episodes, finishing in what really could be a life or death situation for Pete.

“Burnout” starts with a supposed gas explosion at a police station.  The bodies are badly burned and upon further investigation a much older body is found chained up beneath the station.  The body belongs to a former warehouse agent.  While Artie attempts to figure out who this agent was, Myka and Pete try to find the artifact that could be causing the burning deaths.  They track it down but it attaches to Pete and he must electrocute himself and the device in order to stop it from harming anyone else.

Considering how long it appears the warehouse has been around we can safely assume that there have been a lot of agents before Pete and Myka.  This episode finally gives us a glimpse of two of them, one who loses his life on the job and one who decides to leave before it takes her life as well.  Rebecca’s insight was very interesting to hear as an agent looking back on her career.  She seemed quite sure that getting out of the warehouse as soon as possible was the best thing to do.  “Warehouse 13” doesn’t always incorporate a lot of “life or death” danger so sometimes it’s easy to forget just how harmful some of these artifacts could really be.

Speaking of the “life or death” danger situations, this episode did it very well.  I mean it was pretty clear that Pete wasn’t going to die but even then I found myself worried as he asked to be hooked up to the giant generator in the police station.  Eddie McClintock put on a great performance as Pete attempted to fight the violent nature of the artifact but he wasn’t the only one.  Joanne Kelly was equally good this week as she conveyed Myka’s fear that Pete wouldn’t survive the artifact removal.

I did have one question through most of this episode. Why not just soak the artifact in neutralizer?  I figured they could just take some out and throw it on the back of someone who had the device on.  Maybe the neutralizer is harmful to humans?  If this has been mentioned before, I can’t remember it.

The drama was escalated this week but as always the banter between Myka and Pete continued.  It’s good to see that even in a darker episode; “Warehouse 13” can still keep it light with the humour.  And as a Canadian it’s always nice to see Toronto’s CN Tower in the skyline of St. Lewis.


~ by Andrea on February 15, 2010.

5 Responses to “Warehouse 13: Burnout”

  1. In the Pilot, Artie tells Myka & Pete that they shouldn’t ingest the neutralizor as it will make them “see things”. So yes, the purple goo is bad for you. That’s probably why Myka never doused the Spine while it was on Pete for fear it would some how get into his system.

  2. No worries. I’m a bit obsessed with the show because I love Joanne. 😀 It’s the scene when Artie gives them their first case. So I’d say it’s about the end of the first hour/beginning of the second hour of the Pilot. Artie shows them the Tesla and a canister of the purple goo.

    • Ok cool! I was looking in the scene where Artie is showing them around the warehouse and he has to douse the kettle.

      Although, thinking back, Myka and Pete do end up both getting doused in the stuff in Magnetism, don’t they?

      • Yes they do but Artie had to do it because their negative energy was causing problems in the Warehouse. The artifacts were getting all testy and bad things would have happened. Neither of them ingested any of it though, so they’re safe. 😉 Just go with it. 😀

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