Warehouse 13: Implosion

A figure from Artie’s past attempts to steal an ancient samurai sword with the power of invisibility.

After mostly one off episodes, “Warehouse 13” introduces a long-term bad guy for the first time this week.  “Implosion” was one of the strongest episodes yet and has me excited for the lead up to the first season’s finale.

Pete and Myka are sent to replace a very special samurai sword with a fake version of the artifact but, upon reaching Washington, they are knocked out by an implosion grenade as someone else escapes with the sword.  Fortunately for them, a piece of the sword was separated from it and, with Artie’s help, they attempt to get a hold of it before the thief can.  Artie suspects he knows who stole the sword and starts asking questions of former co workers.  In the end it all comes back to James MacPherson, Artie’s former partner at the Warehouse.

MacPherson is by far the best villain “Warehouse 13” has put forward so far.  Not that he really has much competition seeing as the only real bad guy before him was that one in “Elements” and he had little to no background or motivations presented to the audience.  This episode does a great job of introducing MacPherson and posing questions about who he is and what has happened in the past between him and Artie.

One of the things that I thought was well addressed here were Pete and particularly Myka’s feelings about the way Artie treats them.  Giving them as little information as possible and generally distancing himself, Artie has Myka worried that he sees them only as “red shirts” (I can’t resist a good Star Trek reference) and not real people.  Though Myka’s brought this up in the past I wasn’t convinced that the writer’s would ever go anywhere with her concerns but I’m pleased to see her feelings aren’t being forgotten.  “Warehouse 13” doesn’t tend to have a long-term (more than one episode) plot they aren’t hitting the “big reset button” at the end of every episode either and I’m glad for that.  Artie’s behaviour indicates he’s probably been burned by agents he’s cared about in the past and that will be an interesting thing for the show to look into.

Even the artifact and gadgets this week were pretty cool.  A sword that bends light around the user, making them invisible (I had to turn my physicist brain off during that description but that’s half the fun of science fiction really) is something I’m sure would come in handy sometimes.  The implosion grenades too were a visually exciting change from normal explosions.  I mean, anyone can set off an exploding bomb.

With cool gadgets and menacing bad guys, “Implosion” is a great episode and an exciting start to the second half of the season.


~ by Andrea on March 6, 2010.

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