Warehouse 13: Regrets

Pete and Myka are sent to investigate a number of suspicious suicides at a prison.

For the first time this week, it’s the absence of an artifact that’s causing chaos on “Warehouse 13” and the focus is back on the partnership between Pete and Myka.

After the third suicide in a month at Riverton Penitentiary, Artie sends Pete and Myka to investigate the place.  It turns out the only thing that’s changed about the place is the addition of a new warden.  A tropical storm is approaching the area as well which Artie warns, will likely increase the strength of any artifact that may be present.  Myka and Pete begin seeing people from their past (Myka’s old partner Sam and Pete’s father respectively).  Meanwhile Claudia’s efforts to change a light bulb leave her stuck on the warehouse ceiling in imminent danger from anything made of a magnetic metal.  The prison is situated in an old quartz mine which enhances apparently enhances crazy.  It can only be cancelled out by another piece of quartz placed at exactly the correct location, an item the old warden likely had.  As the prisoners escape, Pete and Myka become immersed in their visions and must forgive themselves for the things they regret before they can return the artifact to its former location.

After a couple of weeks of dealing with Artie’s behaviour towards Pete and Myka, this episode takes us back to the camaraderie between the two partners.  Pete seems a little hurt that Myka isn’t always willing to talk to him about things (for instance Pete mentions that he saw his father without hesitation but Myka didn’t bring up her vision of Sam).  The end of this episode shows just how great the partnership between these two is I think.  After forgiving himself for not warning his father about his “feeling”, Pete helps talk Myka down in her vision of Sam and reassures her that she did everything right in Denver.  This issue’s been haunting her on and off since the beginning of the series and it’s nice to see it finally being resolved here.

I liked the secondary storyline this week as well though I’m not sure it fit very well with the primary one.  Claudia gets trapped on the ceiling with everything remotely magnetic being pulled straight towards her until, with the help of static electricity; Artie manages to get her down.  It seemed as though they were looking for a little comic relief in the wake of all the prison suicide talk but the switches between story lines struck me as a little distracting.

“Regrets” featured another guest star from “Eureka”, Joe Morton.  His main purpose seemed mostly to be conveying the message, “The cruelest prison is the one we build for ourselves out of fear and regret” but besides that I felt he was a little underused.

This episode really gets back to the best part of “Warehouse 13”, the interaction between Myka and Pete.  Mix that in with a bit of back-story and some fun artifacts back at the warehouse and “Regrets” turned out to be a pretty good episode.


~ by Andrea on March 21, 2010.

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