Warehouse 13: Breakdown

Claudia’s chores lead to the breakdown of the warehouse.  Meanwhile Artie meets with the higher ups.

“Breakdown” may have been meant as a bit of a filler episode before we re-enter in to the MacPherson story line but at least it made for good filler.  We got to see some cool artifacts in the warehouse while also meeting the people who run the place.

With Artie going to meet Mrs. Frederic, Pete and Myka have the day off while Claudia does chores in the warehouse.  When Pete and Myka go in to visit they find the zip line has been broken and Claudia is missing somewhere along its length.  After a run in with a multiplying dodgeball, they find Claudia in a house that is the exact replica of Leena’s Bed and Breakfast but once they enter they can’t get out.  Upon discovering a painting of the room that is intrinsically connected to the room they realize that by cutting it open they can make a hole in the building wall allowing them passage back into the warehouse.  Problems in the “gooery” mean that the warehouse’s destruction is imminent unless Pete, Myka and Claudia can clear things up in time.  Meanwhile, at Artie’s meeting, he is surprised by the arrival of his superiors (the Regents) who interrogate him about his decision making particularly with respect to MacPherson.

It’s been rather ambiguous who the true controllers of the warehouse are since the beginning.  Is it owned by the government, or maybe just a rich executive?  Well this week we learn that it’s run by a group of “ordinary people” calling themselves the Regents.  Hopefully in the future the show can go back and show us how this all came about because if I could get involved in the running of a giant warehouse full of cool artifacts I’d certainly jump at the chance.

The other plot this week is really just an excuse to show off all the artifacts in the warehouse and really I can’t fault the writers for doing so.  Half the fun of watching “Warehouse 13” is to see what kind of gadgets will show up next and “Breakdown” features several.  I am glad that they held off on this episode until nearer to the end of the season.  The artifacts towards the beginning of the series weren’t terribly interesting so I worry how this episode would have turned out had it been conceived of then.  Dodgeballs that multiply after hitting you, houses that won’t let you leave, creepy clown paintings that do who knows what all make for an exciting look into the type of things the warehouse holds.  The only problem I had with this story line was that it started in much the same way as last week’s Claudia and Artie adventure.

Filler episodes have a bit of a bad reputation but when done right they can be some of the most entertaining episodes to watch.  “Breakdown” sets us up for the return of MacPherson while adding in a bit of fun; probably something we’ll be needing as the season finale and its lead up will likely be darker.


~ by Andrea on March 28, 2010.

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