Merlin: Aithusa

A stranger comes to Camelot in search of a dragon egg.

After stealing from the druids, an old apprentice of Gaius’ (Gaius Baltar, uh I mean James Callis) arrives in Camelot looking for the third part of the Triscellion of Azkenan (I have no idea how that is supposed to be spelled). He wants the triscellion to open the tomb of Azkenan and steal the dragon egg within. Gaius refuses to help him but Merlin is intrigued by the idea of a dragon egg and offers to steal Arthur’s key and get him into the vaults so they can get the third part of the triscellion. Borden betrays him and knocks him out after escaping from the vaults and Merlin must go after him with Arthur and the knights. When they reach the tomb Borden triggers the booby trap, knocking him out and allowing Merlin to sneak in first. He gets the dragon egg but must fight with Borden to escape before the entire tomb collapses on them. Merlin takes the egg to Kilgarrah and hatches it bringing another dragon into the world, Aithusa.

Kilgarrah has been proclaiming himself as the last dragon for quite some time now but with this week’s episode of “Merlin”, he gains a buddy. At the outset of the episode I was really expecting this new dragon to be a girl (you know so there could be more dragons later) but apparently not. We’re stuck with just the two boys. Although considering dragons seem to require human’s in order to hatch, who knows how they reproduce.

After three weeks of death on “Merlin” it seems as though “Aithusa” was shooting for more of a comedy style. Sadly none of really seemed to resonate with me. Usually I like the humour of the show but something about this week’s seemed to be pushing it too far. I’m not sure whether it was Merlin pulling down Arthur’s pants in the middle of a meeting (probably not a good thing to have happen to the king) or the weird interaction with Merlin and the knights but it just didn’t sit right to me.

Merlin shows this week he still hasn’t grown out of his sometimes overly trusting nature. He doesn’t think twice about trusting Borden despite the warnings Gaius gives him. In the end of course Merlin manages to get the dragon egg from him and helps to double the population of dragons so I suppose things didn’t turn out too badly for him.

It was good to see the druids back this week but it seems as though their warnings didn’t amount to much. They warn Merlin about the booby trap in the tomb but what good is a booby trap that merely knocks out someone temporarily giving them enough time to go in and steal the egg after they wake up. Azkenan should have though harder about that. Also the tomb itself doesn’t seem to be very well hidden. Seeing as it’s quite a tall tower I would expect that there are other ways to get to it that don’t involve crawling through a cave and walking through a waterfall but magic works in mysterious ways I suppose.

The girls are entirely absent from this episode. In the case of Morgana I’m not surprised as the episode doesn’t seem to have any bearing on her evil plans but this is the second episode in a row with almost no Gwen either.

In the end, the most important part of “Aithusa” is the new dragon that has been hatched. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of the creature. It was pretty cute after all. Maybe Merlin can walk it and train it.



~ by Andrea on October 27, 2011.

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