Merlin: Lamia

A mysterious girl has the knights acting strangely.

An old friend of Gwen’s comes to Camelot seeking assistance. In her village several people have become sick but no physician is available. Gaius is busy in Camelot but he suggests sending Merlin in his place along with the knights and Gwen. When they arrive they find people effected by some kind of magic and set off to bring Gaius back to the village. In the woods the encounter bandits and their prisoner, a girl named Lamia. After meeting her, the knights become overly protective and insist on taking the girl home before returning to Camelot. The knights ignore the protests of Gwen and Merlin that they should return to Camelot first. Meanwhile, in Camelot, Arthur notices the group has been gone too long and goes out after them. With no way to convince the knights to do as they say, Merlin and Gwen leave a trail for Arthur to follow in the hopes that he will find them. Lamia leads them to an abandoned castle and begins to attack members of the group one by one. It turns out that Lamia is behind the mysterious sickness found in the village and she gives it to the knights as well. Merlin and Gwen attack the Lamia in its snake form and hold it off long enough for Arthur to arrive and kill the beast.

The knights have been consistent background players this season but finally with “Lamia” we get a chance to see them all in action. Of course they aren’t really in their right minds most of the time. Percival is perhaps the first to fall for Lamia’s “charms” instantly defending her from Merlin who she is wary of. Apparently she isn’t a fan of warlocks. It doesn’t take long though before Leon, Elyan and Gwaine are all also under the spell leaving Gwen and Merlin powerless to defy them.

The other group in this episode features Arthur, Gaius and Agravaine trying to find the missing knights. Agravaine does everything he can to convince Arthur that hunting for them is not necessary but Arthur won’t hear of it. At this point Agravaine must be finally realizing just how much of a threat Gwen is to his position as Arthur’s advisor. I mentioned last week that Agravaine is very adept at manipulating Arthur but this episode and “His Father’s Son” show that isn’t really the case when it comes to Gwen. Arthur won’t leave her to fend for herself in the woods any more than he was willing to end their relationship a few episodes ago.

“Lamia” is the annual Gwen and Merlin solve a mystery episode, something I always enjoy. Merlin and Gwen don’t get a lot of scenes together and both tend to be quicker at figuring out problematic people or situations than Arthur so when they work together the show gains a different dynamic. If only it happened more than once a year. In this week’s episode Gwen comes very close to finding out the secret Merlin has been hiding for years now and I almost wished she had found out or will find out soon. Gwen is smart enough to know that there must be a reason why Lamia can’t control Merlin she just can’t figure out what it is and in the end Merlin is nearly forced to show her his magical powers in order to save their lives.



~ by Andrea on November 24, 2011.

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