Merlin: The Secret Sharer

Gaius is kidnapped and forced to reveal Merlin’s biggest secret.

After Morgana’s attack last week, Morgana and Agravaine determine that Gaius must know the real identity of Emerys and they formulate a plan to get the information from him. Agravaine convinces Arthur that Gaius is the traitor in Camelot leading Arthur to believe that Gaius has run off when he disappears from the castle the following morning. Merlin tries to convince Arthur otherwise but he will not send out a search party. Morgana enlists the help of high priest Alator to kidnap and interrogate Gaius. Gaius is not quick to reveal the true identity of Emerys but eventually it is forced out of him and Merlin is at risk of being exposed. From the dirt on Agravaine’s boot, Merlin and Gwaine figure out where Gaius has been hidden and go after him, followed by Agravaine. Agravaine finds Gaius first and prepares to kill him before he can reveal who kidnapped him but is stopped by Gwaine. They return Gaius to Camelot. Merlin comes face to face with Morgana and eventually Alator but when Morgana asks after Emerys’ identity, Alator refuses to tell her. He knocks her out and tells Merlin of his support.

Gaius is a character that doesn’t always get a lot of attention on “Merlin”. Sure, he seems to know absolutely everything but he doesn’t often play a significant part in the action. This week though, Gaius is in the spot light forced to try harder than ever to keep Merlin’s magic a secret.

“The Secret Sharer” starts as a continuation of last week’s episode where Arthur learned of a traitor in Camelot and Agravaine began to plant the seeds in his mind that it might be Gaius. The two question Gaius about his views on magic and whether he knows the sorcerer who killed Uther and its clear that Gaius is keeping something from them. That said Gaius is quite good at telling the truth but leaving out the important bits he doesn’t want Arthur or Agravaine to know. Richard Wilson puts in a great performance this week from his torture to his moving talk with Arthur at the end of the episode.

Though Agravaine’s advice to Arthur hasn’t exactly proved itself Agravaine continues to be a master at manipulating him. He knows just how to convince Arthur that Gaius is the traitor but also how to make Arthur feel that he is always the one making the decision and not his uncle. I’ll admit that Agravaine makes a much better traitor this season than Morgana did last season. He’s very good at keeping his real feelings under wraps (unlike the continuous smirking Morgana did).

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of this episode is the introduction of Alator. So far most of the characters we’ve met with magic aren’t the nicest of people. Many of them have been angry with Uther’s persecution of their kind and rightfully so but they are almost always presented as bad guys. There have been a few magical people who seemed to be more like Merlin in their views but with Alator we see a character that could be very helpful to Merlin in the future. With a high priest on his side Merlin would certainly have an easier time of creating the “time of Albion”.

That begs the question, when exactly did Morgana become a high priestess and what exactly is required for this transition? As far as we know Merlin isn’t a high priest but he’s bested Morgana in every magical show down the two of them have had so clearly the title doesn’t mean very much.



~ by Andrea on November 24, 2011.

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